Discover the spiritual richness of our Wednesday Night Bible Study at FBC. We invite you to engage with the Word of God, connect with fellow believers, and become an active part of our vibrant community.

Bible-Based: Our Wednesday Night Bible Study places a strong emphasis on the foundational teachings of the Bible. We believe that the Scriptures contain timeless wisdom, guidance, and truth. Each week, we explore the Word, deepening our understanding of its profound messages. Together, we unveil the wisdom contained within and learn how to apply it to our everyday lives.

Interactive: This is not your typical lecture-style study; it's an engaging and interactive experience. We encourage open dialogue, thought-provoking discussions, and the sharing of personal insights. In our welcoming environment. It's a place where you can both learn and contribute to the spiritual growth of the community.

Community: You will be welcomed with open arms into a supportive and compassionate group of individuals who share your love for God's Word. Whether you are a long-time member or someone new to our church family, you will find a warm and inclusive atmosphere that makes forming meaningful connections easy.

Our Wednesday Night Bible Study is an opportunity to strengthen your faith, explore the Bible, and establish lasting connections with like-minded individuals. We meet every Wednesday at 7pm, and we are excited to have you with us as we journey together through the treasures of the Scriptures. Bring your curiosity, your questions, and your desire to delve deeper into God's Word. We can't wait to embark on this spiritual journey with you!