As we continue our series on “We Are the Church,” we recognize that the church should be a place of hope, inclusion, and transformation for everyone, especially those who might not initially seem open to God's love.

Last week, we explored the profound idea that the church is not just a building, but a global community bound by faith, love, and shared purpose. We discovered how God's work transcends physical boundaries and how people around the world are coming to know Him. Let’s build on that foundation as we explore how the church can be a safe place for those seeking to build a relationship with God.

Creating a Safe Space for Seekers

Imagine walking into a new place, a church or any other community, for the very first time. There's a blend of excitement, curiosity, and perhaps some uncertainty. It's in these moments that we, as a church, have a remarkable opportunity to welcome and embrace those seeking God. We need to create a safe and inviting space where everyone can explore their faith journey, regardless of their past or current circumstances.

Reaching Those Who Are Lost

One of the central tenets of our faith is reaching out to those who are lost, even when they may seem unreachable. It's easy to spot someone who appears to have it all together and think, "They're good, they don't need God." But the reality is, everyone needs God's love and salvation, no matter where they are in life. Sometimes, the people we least expect might be on the verge of a transformative encounter with Christ. Just like the tax collector, Matthew, or those friends who carried a paralyzed man to Jesus, we can be instruments of God's love and grace.

The Church as a Safe Place

The church should be a sanctuary, a place where people can be themselves, ask questions, and learn about the love of Jesus without judgment. When we open our doors, we need to open our hearts and make sure that no one feels out of place. Sinners will walk through our doors, and that is cause for celebration. We don't condone sinful behavior, but we do provide a place for sinners to discover Jesus, be transformed by His love, and find a path to righteousness. Remember, we were all, and still are, sinners as well.

The Danger of Busyness

In our mission to bring people closer to God, we can't be preoccupied by our assumptions, prejudices, or busyness. Sometimes, it might seem crazy to talk to someone about Jesus, but remember, God's plans often transcend human understanding. We have to be willing to step out of our comfort zones, engage with people we might not fully understand, and share the incredible love of Christ. Ananias' willingness to go to Saul, a notorious persecutor of Christians, shows us the power of obedience to God's call, even when it doesn't seem to make sense.

Are We That Safe Place?

Are we reaching out to those who need God's love, especially those who seem out of reach? Are we actively creating a safe place within our church community, welcoming everyone, and extending God's grace to all who enter our doors? And most importantly, are we open to the Holy Spirit's leading, even when it challenges our comfort zones?

Let's be inspired to make our church a place where seekers, sinners, and everyone in between can find the love, grace, and transformation offered by our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, God's love knows no boundaries, and we are the vessels through which it flows.

Reading Plan For We Are The Church

Matthew 11:28-30

Luke 19:10

Matthew 9:10-13

Acts 9:10-17